Artist Statement

What happens when the fictions we create become the reality we live? As a product of the 21st century the data paintings I create evoke the sensations of experiencing a digital culture. The work is created by physically putting media down on a material. This can be anything from paint on a scanner to marker on plastic. The slippery, shiny surface is important to the process because of its direct connection to my subject matter; my iPhone and all its contents. Once the first stage is complete I document the image, this stage becomes performative, the original doesn't exist, it becomes something new. It is manipulated right in the moment, resonating with the fictitious nature of communicating in the digital era, with no way to emote, as an afterthought. Finally, the work gets digitally manipulated. Concluding with an abstraction created based on the grime on my phone, physically and metaphorically. The end result is often just a digital file, presented on an electronic device, to be distributed at the masses.